Swanson Cream Starter

Saw what I thought would be a great shortcut for making creamed soups–Swanson Cream Starter–while shopping yesterday. I had planned on cream of broccoli soup for dinner tonight so I could try out my new gift, a Cuisinart immersion Blender. I could find no recipe at the Swanson website, but reading the packaging I thought it pretty simple–prepare your vegetable as for regular creamed soup. Then add the package of Cream Starter. That is what I did. What a big disappointment! The soup tasted very salty and had a strong after taste–more than should have been present.

Reading the label I had been so hopeful because there were no preservatives, and primarily wholesome foods. It was just a convenient package. I am generally pleased with Swanson products, but this certainly let me down. I will give it one more try, but I am not hopeful. Also, I was disappointed that there were very few recipes on the Swanson site utilizing this product. I would think they would have a lot of resources when rolling out a new product.

Tomorrow I am preparing a big Asian dinner and plan on using Swanson Hot and Sour Infused Broth to make Hot and Sour soup. It will be the first time using this product, also, so I am hoping it will not disappoint.


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